Kennel frame complete

July 8, 2017
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The new kennel

Progress! We now have the kennel frame set up. In its current state, Shila could easily escape, so we still have more work to do to secure it. But this seems like a good start.

Overhead view of the kennel

Mech and I were both surprised how spacious it feels in real life. This is going to be really nice, and I think Shila will like the surroundings.

Standing inside the kennel (it looks larger in real life)

The kennel panels were delivered this morning. I thought the store was going to send out someone with a pickup truck, so it would just look like the landscapers that the neighbors often hire.

View from inside Shila’s kennel out to driveway

Instead, they roll into the neighborhood with a semi pulling a full-length trailer bed. They park the trailer bed at the end of the subdivision, unhook the front of the semi, and the back of the semi converts into a forklift. They then back the semi carrying all the kennel panels back through the neighborhood and down our driveway, lower all the panels onto the ground, give me a paper to sign, and then drive off, picking up the trailer on the way.

View from inside Shila’s kennel into the outer kennel

I do have to admit it was surprisingly efficient to do it this way. But so much for building the kennel discreetly – within a few minutes one of the neighbors came down wondering what we were building. (No problem – one of Mech’s friends, and I told her we’re adopting another dog who will be an outdoor dog.)

View from inside Shila’s kennel to forest behind the kennel

Mech and I put the panels up after lunch. Only issue was one of the kennel gates had a bent latch that wouldn’t easily open and close, but we managed to bend it back into shape and it’s all good now.

The kennel as it was delivered

Now I just need to go to the store to get a few more of those panel connector pieces, and some more end caps so that wasps don’t get inside the tubes.

(Obviously, I decided not to travel to Buffalo today. I’m planning on tomorrow or Monday now.)